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Before you hire a lawyer, please read the "Five Questions That Individual Employees Should Ask Before Hiring A Houston Employment Lawyer."

You should know that when Mark Oberti and Ed Sullivan launched Oberti Sullivan LLP they discussed whether the Firm would ever handle plaintiffs’ cases. Because they have spent their careers defending employers, Mark and Ed know that lawsuits have serious consequences and should never be filed lightly. They also know that the vast majority of employers do the right thing.   And, they know that most workplace disputes simply are not grounds for lawsuits.

At the same time, as experienced Houston employment lawyers, Mark and Ed believe they have an obligation to use their knowledge and skills to help good and decent people who really need and deserve their help. So, Mark and Ed agreed that the only plaintiffs’ cases the Firm would ever take are cases (a) that present no legal conflict with an existing Firm corporate client; and (b) in which the facts are so compelling that the liability jumps off the page.

Therefore, the Firm will not take weak, decent, or even good plaintiffs' cases. It only takes truly outstanding plaintiffs’ cases. Those are very rare. Yet, when we take a case, we do so to maximize our client's recovery under the law.

We have won several jury trials for our clients. Our latest victory in trial occurred on May 20, 2016.  On that day, we won a federal jury trial in a Fair Labor Standards Act retaliation case. Fleming v. The Momenta Group, LLC d/b/a Momentum Fitness Solutions & Grant Moyer, Civil Action No. 4:15-cv-75 (S.D. Tex.) (Hittner, J.).


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