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"gave me complete confidence as a client"

- Kena Rogers
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"I contacted a handful of lawyers and had no clear direction on how to proceed with my situation until I spoke with Mark"

- Michael Vela
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- Lilly Ledesma
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After getting my case rejected and my concerns invalidated by another employment attorney, I was very discouraged about pursuing a case at all. However, after just one conversation with Mr. Oberti, I felt much more sure of myself. He validated my concerns and got my case handled much sooner than I had anticipated it would take for something like this. Mr. Oberti was realistic and honest with me and I felt like he put my best interests first, which I really appreciated. Reading through his website and learning about his background and qualifications, I felt confident about his ability to obtain an outcome in my favor and in the end, he did just this!I am so satisfied with the way this case was handled and the security that I had throughout, knowing that my concerns were valid and knowing that I was in good hands.

- Mary Okon-Itrechio
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"never demonstrated any tendency to avoid or duck difficult questions."

- PriAnsh D
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"Professional, responsive, and helpful!"

- Firemanlv
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