For Those Who Need An Experienced Houston Employment Attorney

As Houston employment lawyers, Mark and Ed believe they should use their knowledge, skills, and 50+ years of combined experience practicing employment law in Houston to help good and decent people who need and deserve their help. The Firm only takes plaintiffs’ employment cases when a person can satisfy three criteria: He or she (1) must be a trustworthy, decent individual; (2) have an exceptional case factually and legally; and (3) has or will suffer substantial damages.

If you pass our criteria, this is what you will get from Oberti Sullivan:

Total Honesty. Some lawyers will tell you that you may have a case, and in the same breath, ask you for money. We don’t do that. If we believe you have a meritorious claim, we will tell you. If we think you don’t, then we will tell you that, too. If you want a lawyer who will only tell you what you want to hear, we are not for you. Instead of telling you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to hear.  

No Up-Front Fees. Some lawyers insist on a consulting fee before speaking with you. Then, if they take your case, many insist you pay them thousands of dollars as an up-front retainer, plus assigning them a contingency percentage of your case. Ask yourself this: If your case is so good, why are you paying a lawyer money out of your pocket? By contrast, we will not ask you for a consulting fee, we do not ask for up-front money, and we only take matters on a contingency-fee-basis.  If we accept your case, we believe your case has value, not because we just wanted to get some money out of you.  Its our job to get money from the company, not you.

Energy and Experience. Many law firms work on volume.” They take on too many cases, and they don’t have enough time to dedicate the time necessary to maximize a case’s value.  Not Oberti Sullivan. If we take a case--and we take very few--we spend our energy and decades of experience practicing employment law in Houston to leverage the best possible result we can for you, whether through settlement or trial. 

Reputation. Whether you know it or not, the lawyer you hire already has a reputation in the tight-knit legal community of employment lawyers in Houston. The lawyers reputation plays a big part in how seriously a company takes your allegations, and more importantly, how much value it assigns to your case. Therefore, you want to hire lawyers with well-known and well-deserved reputations as aggressive and highly-effective advocates. Out of approximately 75,000 lawyers in Texas, Super Lawyers, a Thompson Reuters service printed in Texas Monthly, consistently recognizes Mark and Ed as elite Top 100 Texas Super Lawyers.  It is one reason why, when defense lawyers at the largest law firms in Houston have friends and family members with employment disputes, they frequently refer them to Oberti Sullivan.

Results. Mark and Ed have each won multi-million dollar jury verdicts for employees in employment cases. They have also won numerous other cases for employees. They dont just want to win; they know how to win.  Just scroll through the results and testimonials below to see what the Firm has achieved for its clients.

Finally, whether we agree to take your case or not, and before you hire any lawyer to represent you in an employment matter, please read the Five Questions That Individual Employees Should Ask Before Hiring A Houston Employment Lawyer.

“Because we are betting our time and effort that you have a case worth pursuing, we turn down a large number of matters. Yet, when we take a case, we work it up at an A+ level to maximize our client’s recovery under the law.”

Employee Case Results

Our results in our cases for employees speak for themselves. The monetary achievements are rounded down numbers that show what the client actually received and do not include attorneys’ fees or expenses.


for unpaid overtime for a manager who worked in a refinery.


for a salesperson who reported his boss for telling a racist joke and was laid off four months later.


for an employee who was subjected to a single racial slur by her manager and who resigned as a result.


for an employee terminated shortly after being hospitalized for heart problems.


For disability discrimination and failure to make reasonable accommodations on behalf of a manager.


for person who was ordered not to record all hours worked


for a sales person alleging disability discrimination (Parkinson's disease)


for a private club employee alleging retaliation


for female salesperson against national company for sex discrimination

Client Testimonials

...professionalism, expertise, follow-up ...

- Suzanne Peterson
Client Testimonials

Great attorney, great team, and excellent communication.

- Sonya
Client Testimonials

... patient and empathetic. He was able to grasp the issues, provide guidance ...

- Paul A
Client Testimonials

very thankful for the advice given and attention to detail

- Evan Sharpe
Client Testimonials

walked me through the process and explained all the possible scenarios

- DeShaun Webster
Client Testimonials

patient, presented options, and always discussed these options with me prior to making any decision

- Adam C
Client Testimonials

Mark has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you’re his only client.

- Sister Scott
Client Testimonials

call back same day

- B G
Some Ways We Help Employees

We frequently help employees with the following types of issues:

Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation Counseling
Bonuses Or Broken Promises About Your Pay
Severance/Separation Pay

Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation Counseling

You may have been provided and required to sign a seemingly “standard” non-compete and non-solicitation agreement. Now, you wish to understand what you were provided (or signed) and the limitations contained therein. You will want to know how enforceable the agreement is in a court of law and the process of defending yourself in such litigation. We understand the law regarding these important documents and spend the time and care you want to guide you in making an important decision.

Bonuses Or Broken Promises About Your Pay

You may have an agreement with your employer to provide you a bonus or pay. When you are terminated, you suddenly find yourself without either. You will want to know if you have any legal rights to the pay you believe you earned. Such advice and guidance require a knowledge of the law at issue, and we routinely provide this service to our clients.

Severance/Separation Pay

If you have been terminated, you may have been provided a severance agreement. Yet, some of the terms are confusing, and many may seem unfair. Some of you will have been told to contact an attorney, and you may have been given at least 21 days to consider signing the Agreement. We assist employees in such a situation and can help them understand what they have been asked to sign and whether they have any right to negotiate or change the contract’s terms.


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