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Executive Case Results

Notable Results For Executives

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We have obtained significant financial awards, typically through confidential settlements, for many of our executive clients. These are people who succeeded at the workplace for a long time, worked in various highly-compensated professional positions, and often served on the company’s leadership team.

Listed below are some of the monetary awards obtained by our executive clients. Because the settlement of cases is typically confidential, we cannot disclose details of the individual cases. Either Mark Oberti or Ed Sullivan was the lead attorney in each case listed below. The monetary achievements listed are rounded numbers that show what the client actually received in the case and do not include attorneys’ fees and costs. These results are based on their unique facts, including the pay that each executive earned while working for his or her employer and each cases strength on the merits. Past results do not indicate that we can obtain similar results for you, and you should not rely on these cases to think or expect that you will obtain a similar amount of money.


to an executive of a large oil company who claimed an illegal termination for refusing to commit illegal acts.


to an executive of a company in the energy industry with wrongful termination and defamation allegations.


to an executive of an international company claiming age discrimination.


to an employee of an energy company who claimed he was fired because of his national origin.


to an executive who claimed his company failed to pay him vested shares.


to a Senior Vice President of an IT related company who claimed sex discrimination.


to a Chief Operating Officer of a healthcare company who claimed ADA discrimination and FMLA retaliation when she was fired.


to a professional employee of an oil company who claimed he was fired because of his national origin.


to an executive of a global energy company after she claimed age and sex discrimination.