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General Texas Employment Questions And Issues

Top 10 Texas & Houston Non-Compete Questions

  • Question 10.  In general, when is a non-compete agreement enforceable?
  • Question 9.  How long can an employer stop an employee from competing?
  • Question 8.  Can an employee be restrained from competing w/o a non-compete agreement?
  • Question 7.  Are non-solicitation/recruitment clauses enforceable in Texas?
  • Question 6.  What items can an executive take from the workplace upon leaving?
  • Question 5.  What should an employee with a non-compete tell the employer upon resignation?
  • Question 4.  What can an employer do if an employee violates a non-compete agreement?
  • Question 3.  Can an employer enforce an overly-broad non-compete agreement?
  • Question 2.  What are the effects of choice of law/choice of forum clauses in Texas?
  • Question 1.  Do I need an attorney to help understand the Texas non-compete process?

Texas And Houston Executive Questions/Issues

Texas Retaliation Issues

Texas Discrimination Issues


EEOC Guidances/Initiatives

Texas & Houston Overtime Questions And Issues

Top 10 Texas & Houston Employment Law Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

An accompanying PowerPoint to these videos is here

  • Bonus Mistake 2 (how to handle references for former employees) (second half of video)
  • Bonus Mistake 1 (failing to terminate with compassion) (first half of video)
  • Mistake 10 (failing to run termination decisions through outside counsel) (second half of video)
  • Mistake 9 (failing to remember the National Labor Relastions Act) (first half of video)
  • Mistake 8 (compliance with the FLSA) (second half of video)
  • Mistake 7 (remembering and applying the FMLA correctly) (first half of video)
  • Mistake 6 (the traps of the ADA) (second half of video)
  • Mistake 5 (failing to conduct workplace investigations in writing) (first half of video)
  • Mistake 4 (failing to follow company policies) (second half of video)
  • Mistake 3 (failing to document employee files) (first half of video)
  • Mistake 2 (failing to properly act after an employee injury) (second half of video)
  • Mistake 1 (failing to train supervisors on basic employment law issues) (first half of video)



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