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June 16, 2016
Fifth Circuit Holds That Employee’s Failure to Provide Doctor’s Note Confirming Reason for Absence Dooms His Claims Under The Americans with Disabilities Act
June 7, 2016
Fifth Circuit Holds That Employees Interviewed As Part Of A Sexual Harassment Investigation Have Greater Protection From Retaliation
April 4, 2016
Employee Loses Retaliation Claim Based On Coworker’s Use Of The Phrase “Heil Hitler”
March 28, 2016
EEOC Takes Aggressive Positions On Homosexual Rights In The Workplace Under Title VII
March 21, 2016
Fifth Circuit Holds That A Manager’s Threat To Reduce An Employee’s Pay In Retaliation For the Employee’s Hiring Of A Transgendered Employee Was Not An Adverse Employment Action That The Threatened Employee Could Sue Over
March 9, 2016
New Fifth Circuit ADA Decision Illustrates The Pro-employee Impact Of The Amendments Congress Passed To The ADA
May 2, 2015
Five Questions That Individual Employees Should Ask Before Hiring A Houston Employment Lawyer
April 28, 2015
Confidentiality Agreements Used By Many Employers Draw KBR A $130,000.00 Fine From The SEC — Is Your Company At Risk Too?